Energy Management | Kroll Enviro
Kroll Enviro offers a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and provide new and innovative ways to deliver substantial savings for businesses.
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Total Energy Solutions

WE have in-house resources and capabilities to study your real-time power usage across multiple levels of the plant/building, evaluate your current and future needs, conduct an objective analysis, offer recommendations on savings, and cost of implementation and payback period.

We offer comprehensive energy and process audits, compile all energy related data, analyse, identify energy saving measures and estimate energy savings and cost of implementation. We also offer energy efficient lighting and its controls, power factor correction and energy management, retrofit and renewable energy like Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) and Battery Storage

Our Process

  • Evaluate

    We ensure that we understand your current usage of energy, evaluate your current and future needs

  • Recommend

    Provide you with objective analysis and recommendations

  • Implement

    We will work with you to implement changes

Real benefits

Kroll Enviro offer a total solution to ensure smart energy use (more work for less energy).

Energy savings by optimising your energy usage – reduce your electricity consumption without compromising the comfort.
• In house capability to perform energy audit, design & install control systems
• Project management, design, supply, installation and commissioning
• All our installers are fully accredited by Clean Energy Council of Australia (CEC)
• Accredited ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System
• Reliability – well established engineering and service facilities, 24/7 service and support.

Our Energy Solutions

Every installation has unique characteristics and limitations. Kroll Enviro provide engineering solutions, reduce energy wastage and save on your electricity cost.
• Energy Assessment, Recommendations and Retrofit
• Power quality analysis
• Solar PV / Battery Storage Systems
• Power Factor Improvements (PFC)
• Re-engineer control systems with newer technology
• Optimised plant lighting designs and control systems
• UPS & Backup power systems
• Installation of PC based live power management systems

Our Energy Products

Kroll Enviro supply a wide variety of energy efficient, automation control and energy management products. In addition to assessment we offer engineered solutions from an energy efficiency perspective, Kroll Enviro install new equipment, provide live PC based tools enabling you to monitor and manage electrical power usage into the future.
• Solar PV systems
• Battery storage backup
• Energy Efficiency motors (IE3 Rated). Pumps & Fans, VSD & Soft Start Motor Controls
• Power Factor Control (PFC)
• Monitoring systems
• Sub metering
• LED lighting and controls