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Kroll Enviro offers a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and provide new and innovative ways to deliver substantial savings for businesses.
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The ORCA is the ultimate waste management system. Working on site in your facility to “digest” all your food waste, ORCA turns it into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the sewage system via a grease arrestor. With no bags or garbage bins of food waste to dispose of, it ends the need for food waste to go to landfill.

Reduce Waste. Reduce Cost. Reduce Environmental Impact

The ORCA is a machine that “digests” up to 1 tonne of food waste per day. Within 24 hours, this technology turns food waste into environmentally safe water that flows straight into the sewage system via a grease arrestor.

The sustainable technology is housed in a stainless steel container, with a door on the top which employees open to throw food waste inside. Within the container, the ORCA’s proprietary, natural Microorganism solution works with water and recycled plastic Bio Chips to quickly break down the waste. Through a process called “aerobic digestion,” the ORCA technology constantly churns all this material, adding oxygen that accelerates the time it takes to transform the food waste disposal into earth-friendly water.

ORCA Vs landfill

For every 2 tonnes of food waste treated each week by ORCA not ending up in landfill, approximately 3.2 tonnes of landfill gas emissions are prevented. This saving of emissions is equivalent to the operation of one car for 6 months. And around 500 litres of Leachate, the liquid that drains from landfill, is saved from our water tables and waterways.

With Australian businesses generating around 2.5 million tonnes of putrescible waste annually, contributing to around 90% of the non-hazardous landfills within Australia*, even a fraction of that waste being processed by ORCA will achieve a significant improvement to our environment.

* The Full Cost of landfill in Australia Report. The Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts, 13 July 2009. BDA Group.