Our Process | Kroll Enviro
Kroll Enviro offers a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and provide new and innovative ways to deliver substantial savings for businesses.
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4 steps to carbon saving

We have made it as easy as possible for you to find out how Kroll Enviro Voltage Power Optimisation technology will benefit your organisation.

Talk to us today about a free evaluation. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

  • Appraise

    Send us some basic data for your site(s) so we can prepare a preliminary investment case.
    We'll need the past year's data on:
    • The maximum demand for each incoming electrical supply
    • The total kWh consumption for each of the incoming supplies
    • The cost of supply, including any additional carbon
    costs and your kWh price for the next year
    If you like the indicative financial benefits, we will send you a plug-in logger to record your voltage profile for a week, which you return to us for analysis

  • Validate

    We survey your site(s) and provide a more detailed proposal.
    • A full load assessment of your equipment on site
    • A site installation proposal
    This allows us to confirm the installation costs more precisely and evaluate the guaranteed savings from your VPO.
    We send you a comprehensive proposal that outlines the business potential to your organisation.

  • Implement

    We then deliver and install your unit(s). This is arranged:
    • At a time that suits you
    • Generally out of office hours
    Our experienced Project Management team will coordinate the installation with one of our Approved Contractors. Pre-works are completed without disruption to your site and final integration in to your supply normally takes from two to four hours.

  • Verify

    We then have your savings independently verified_ We'll need three months data:
    • To evaluate savings on site
    • To work out whether we've met your guaranteed savings
    Three months after your installation, we will ask independent measurement and verification providers to evaluate your savings. They will review your energy use and provide a savings report. If we haven't met your guaranteed ROI we'll send a cheque to make up the difference.