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Kroll Enviro offers a range of products designed to minimise environmental impact and provide new and innovative ways to deliver substantial savings for businesses.
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Positive cash flow investments in Voltage Optimisation

Positive cash flow investments in Voltage Optimisation

Investing in the likes of Voltage Optimisation and Power Factor Correction can be a win for both the short term financial health of your business, and the long term view to cost reduction and environmental sustainability.

Normally a business will budget to invest its capital in an energy saving Voltage Optimisation or PFC project. Sometimes this causes delays until the following financial year and energy and cost savings are lost. Sometimes it is more beneficial to seek alternative funding for the project.

On-bill financing was offered up by a number of electricity retailers in the NSW market in a partnership designed to assist businesses to generate energy savings. But even a commercial loan or capital lease funding model can see neutral or positive cash flow investments in Voltage Optimisation.

The NSW Government Office of Environment & Heritage has created an easy to follow case study representing the benefits of an energy efficient system as well as the funding and payback period of such an investment.

Curious? Well, no need to take their word for it. Kroll Enviro have the ability to analyse your system, and devise a plan customised to suit your needs.

positive cash flow, short payback periods, and long term savings!
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